Once upon a time, in a remote valley, there was a castle…

The forts, towers and ancient churches perched on the hills are the oldest watchmen of the Valdicecina

Ancient defense systems and castles built on Etruscan and Roman remains, remote monasteries once used to find peace and isolation, thick forests and woods. That’s all you need for your itinerary throughout unspoiled Tuscany, from Micciano to Libbiano, Montegemoli, Serrazzano, Lustignano and San Dalmazio.

The Medici Fortress

A fort dominating the city of Volterra

The “borghi” in the Valdicecina

The valley’s “borghi” are quiet and proud witnesses of the richness of this vibrant land

These small, old, traditional towns are oftentimes perched on top of hills, they were built in ancient times for their defense potential and used to be castles. They’re at the same time reminders of a military past and quaint shrines full of culture and art. A variety of traditional events, festivals and art exhibitions will allow you to experience the most authentic side of Tuscany and the people’s hospitality and generosity.
The “borghi” have something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing experience, good food, to discover history and nature, the outdoors or all of the above, they will welcome you at any time of the year.

San Dalmazio



Lagoni Rossi


Sasso Pisano

Querceto Castle



Villas and farmhouses in the Valdicecina

The Tuscan countryside is a perfect example of a thousands-year-old harmonious relationship between nature and men

Blending together centuries-old experience in farming the land and the land’s prosperity, Tuscany is famous for its excellent products.
The villas and the farmhouses are wonderful pieces of architecture filling in what is a harmonizing puzzle of tradition and flavour. The natural landscape, with its grapevines and cypresses, the olive trees, orchards, farmed fields and grazing herds, also reflects the perfect balance between nature and man’s work the land has reached.

Scornello Villa

Ginori-Lisci Villa

Ulignano Villa

Villa and borgo of Pignano

Viti Villa in Mazzolla

Casaglia Farm

Campani Villa in Roncolla

Caselli Farm

Monterufoli Villa

Montecastelli Pisano – the village

Montecastelli Pisano – San Filippo and Giacomo Parish

Montecastelli Pisano – San Filippo and Giacomo Parish

Querceto – the Parish

Querceto – view

Querceto – the tower

Pomarance – San Battista Parish

Pomarance – San Giovanni Parish

Pomarance – San Dalmazio Parish

Pomarance – Rocca Sillana

Montecatini Val di Cecina – view

Montecatini Val di Cecina – Belforti Tower

Miemo – the village

Lustignano – the village

Serrazzano – the village

Micciano – the village

Discover the beauty of
the villages of Valdicecina

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