Lost in a ocean of ​​stars…

Sunsets on fire and warm evening lights

The night is different, everything transforms and fades, everything changes, taking on a dimension of its own that, in our land, has the color of a fairy tale.
Volterra, the villages and the countryside are transformed and covered with a discreet charm at nightfall. Quieter and more intimate, they will welcome you on a magical night, among a glass of wine and superb cuisine, to continue with music and entertainment or with a walk under the stars, so close to touch them.

New Moon and the shadow of the Volturi

The Twilight saga unfolds in the streets and squares of Volterra…

A fleeting shadow, an intermittent light, ancient crypts and palaces, an alley that turns suddenly: magical creatures are waiting for you!


Exclusive tours:
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Valdicecina, a precious treasure chest of history and nature

Events by night: exclusive experiences

Volterra and Valdicecina as you’ve never seen them before

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