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Valdicecina and Volterra: make a stop the final destination

The strategic location of Volterra and the Valdicecina allows visitors to enjoy a visit both to the famous art cities of the region and to the seaside. It’s the perfect location to get to know our land and its beauty, in an evocative natural and artistic context. Hospitality and professionalism are like the cherry on top of the stunning features of the area.

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It’s not easy to express the complexity and depth of an area. Our job is to provide detailed information and tips in order to convey the intense beauty of Volterra and the Valdicecina. Our offers are available on both traditional and innovative communication tools, always up-to-date and following our customers’ needs.

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This is our main mission and we carry it out using a multifaceted campaign: our portal (the website will be rich in tourist information highlighting the local resources, guaranteeing at the same time full information to all the members), catalogue (this is the magazine to which you refer in your e-mail and that is distributed by the Tourist Office in Volterra and in all the tourist events we take part in: tourist fairs in Italy and abroad, workshops with Italian and foreign professionals, educational activities, press, etc.)


This is an especially demanding and expensive activity, both from the economic and workload point of view, but extremely important because it allows the business members of the Consortium to have informative documentation to distribute to their clients. We think that, despite the continuous development of IT, several types of tourist information (maps, magazines, agenda of events…) are irreplaceable.


Starting from the idea that being part of the Consortium is an opportunity and above all means having information that non-members do not have, we believe that in this period of difficulty and uncertainty, in order to have a worldwide reach, we must work together, because only in this way can we reach our goals, something that on our own is unthinkable.
Another element not to be forgotten is that while in the past promotion was financed by the EU and had the support of public bodies, today with the spending cuts and the elimination of the APTs, promotional activity weighs entirely on the shoulders of the professionals and local authorities. For this very reason, areas like ours that are peripheral in nature as compared to the largest urban areas of Tuscany are in danger of becoming more and more marginal. This must be avoided at all costs.


The tour operator of the Consortium was established to more efficiently market and promote the tourist resources of our territory via the creation of pre-prepared packages for individuals and groups. Emozioni Toscane organizes weddings, meetings and boasts an extensive programme of excursions.

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