The museums of the land of Etruscans

A rich network of museums spread out in the whole valley allows you to really get to know the culture, art, nature, history and lifestyle of the area

Volterra and the Valdicecina might be a small area, but it has an immense cultural heritage, a long history and stunning nature. Visitors can choose between 15 museums and 4 archeological sites to get a deeper and better understanding of the area, both in a purely educational way or if you’re a specialist.

Unmissable collections set up in beautiful locations will tell you about the history, art, nature, culture, spirituality, lifestyles and traditions of these people and places. You can choose whichever you prefer or even visit them all.

A lot of the museums telling the history of the Valdicecina and preserving the valley’s cultural and artistic heritage are in Volterra, which has always been the main economic and cultural centre of the area. The Etruscan Museum Guarnacci was the first one to be built back in 1761.
Since 1992, the museums of Volterra and the other towns in the Valdicecina are part of one big network, with one combined ticket and coordinated times and projects. It’s one of the first museum networks in Tuscany, and it definitely set an example for similar systems in other areas.

A fascinating journey between art, history and landscapes

Valdicecina and Volterra explained for you

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