Then man came

and discovered the benefits of hot water

The ancient inhabitants of this area already knew the generosity of the land and its heat, which gave the Valdicecina its geothermal strength. The Etruscans and the Romans used to love the hot and healthy waters, that they used for their thermal baths. The remains of those baths are still here today, in our visitable archeological sites.

The “Aquas Volaternas” are healing and soothing waters. They can be found at the Bagno al Morbo, close to Larderello, and they were very famous in the Middle Ages and in the Renaissance for their medicinal properties.
Visit the springs and their magical areas.

TThe Bagnone thermal baths

The “Aquae Volaterrae” and the “Aquae Populaniae”

Warm and healthy water has fascinated people since the beginning of time. First the Etruscans then the Romans both loved the properties of the thermal springs in the Val di Cecina. More recently, an excavation in Sasso Pisano brought up the “Aquae Volaterrae”, an ancient thermal complex that had gotten lost.
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The museums with the excavations

To get to know the Etruscans and Romans of the Valdicecina

The Etruscan and Roman Museum Antiquarium

A precious archeological collection put together thanks to recent excavations and studies

The area of Castelnuovo Val di Cecina

You can experience the cultural prosperity and liveliness of the Val di Cecina through a big variety of options for every season.
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