Mankind arrives

and discovers the benefits of hot waters

The generosity of the earth and its heat, which gave to Valdicecina the geothermal power, was known to our ancestors, who for centuries have loved our healthy hot waters. The Etruscans and Romans used to bathe here and left us the remains of our spas, which today are archaeological sites that can be visited.

Waters that heal, relieve and restore to health: these are the Aquas Volaternas, in the hamlet of Bagno a Morbo, near Larderello, of great importance in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, for their medicinal properties.

Visit the sources, a precious gift from geothermal power, in a magical place.

Thermal Bath in Bagnone

The Aquae Volaterrae and the Acquae Populaniae

Hot and healthy waters have always fascinated: first the Etruscans and then the Romans loved the properties of the hot water springs of the Valdicecina. But here are again the Acque Populanie, thanks to an excavation in Sasso Pisano: that’s how a lost spa complex came to light… 

Discover it with the itineraries between nature, history and archaeology.

The Museum that collects the excavations

to learn about the Etruscans and Romans of Valdicecina

The Etruscan Roman Antiquarium Museum

to learn about the Etruscans and Romans of Valdicecina

The territory of Castelnuovo

The cultural wealth and liveliness of Valdicecina is witnessed by a wide range of suggestions, all attractive in every season.
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