The atmosphere of the 19th century

Aristocratic palaces, theatres, furniture and clothes, and technologies

As well as art, collecting objects, and science:
 the heritage of more recent centuries returns to life again in Valdicecina, with itineraries of great interest and beauty.

Volterra and Valdicecina have been the protagonists of a true “renaissance” in the 19th century: from the travellers of Alabaster to scientists who have accomplished innovative projects here, continuing into the first half of the 20th century, this valley has experienced its golden century.
Palaces, theatres, landscape painting, industrial archaeology testimonies and mining allow you to get to know and understand the recent past, often surprising and unexpected in its pristine charm.

An old bourgeois dwelling

In Pomarance the old bourgeois dwelling, through its stunning rooms, tells about the daily life of a rich country family, hard-working and devout.


Furnishings, decorations, settings and ornaments are still the original ones:
a real time machine


Examples of the liveliness of the communities, music and art thrive in this valley.
They are still active and represent the culture of these sites.

A 19th century industrial village

A modern example of production

The fortune of Larderello starts in mid-19th century with the exploitation of boron present in nature and thanks to the geothermal power.
The first industrial settlement was promoted by De Larderel who gave his name to the village.
A fortune that increased with the exploitation of geothermal power for the production of electricity.


The small settlement, today the capital of Italian
and world geothermal energy

Suggestions to discover the 19th century

An ancient land balancing out resources and growth

The Mining history

A fascinating journey starting from Montecatini Val di Cecina, where today you can visit parts of the 19th century tunnels – the tunnel network runs for about 35 Km – the tower of Pozzo Alfredo – with its original hoist – and the church of St. Barbara, patron saint of miners.

Geothermal energy

The museum of Larderello and the exploitation of energy, as well as the natural phenomena of Sasso Pisano, the biolake, the hydrogen sulphide exhalations and fumaroles, the Devil’s valley, the spa: geothermal energy is the summary of the history of this territory: an unmissable itinerary for everyone.

The dramatized visit

A stunning palace, the life of an adventurer and art lover, rooms and costumes, curiosities and entertainment

These are the elements of the visit that takes you back in time, into the great history of the 19th century… just like a protagonist on a stage!

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