Enjoy your tasty breaks

Whether at a cafe or a restaurant, every meal is an experience

Restaurants are where you have time to discover and appreciate the great variety of the area’s cuisine. In the end, it’s not a real holiday if you don’t try the typical dishes.

After lunch or dinner, stop at the bars and cafes for an aperitivo or a cocktail either overlooking our “great beauty” or in more isolated places, perfect to experience the real Tuscany between a card game and a glass of good wine.

Ristorante Don Beta

Eudania Ristorante Self Service

Bar l'Incontro

Da Pina - La Taverna della Terra di Mezzo

Ristorante Pizzeria La Terrazza sul Borgo

Bar Osteria dei Poeti

Ristorante Osteria dei Fornelli

Ristorante Etruria

Ristorante Vecchia Lira

Ristorante Enoteca Del Duca

Enjoy cafè

Ristorante Le Cantine del Palazzo

Ristorante da Beppino

Ristorante La Pineta

Ristorante il Poggio

Ristorante Torre del Porcellino

Bar Priori

Pizzeria Alla Vecchia Maniera

Ristorante La Carabaccia

Pasticceria Migliorini

Tastings and local producers

A good glass of wine? A craft beer?
Locally produced cheese and cold cuts?

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