The Viti Villa

with its neo-Gothic facade

The villa, a property of the Viti family, is a pleasant example of an overlap of styles ranging from the Middle Ages to the 1800s. It opens on a big garden with two defensive towers in its corners, from which one can enjoy a beautiful sight of Volterra. In the garden there’s an oval-shaped basin, about 6 meters deep, 5 meters wide and 18 meters long, dating back to the 18th century.
Architect Luigi Campani designed the neo-Gothic facade, its two floors and the tower in the middle of it. On the ground floor, there are four niches with one allegorical statue in each, representing the four continents that were known at the time. There are also four niches on the first floor, with the busts of the Italian poets Dante, Petrarca, Ariosto and Tasso.

Consorzio Turistico Volterra Valdicecina Valdera S.c.r.l.
Piazza dei Priori 19/20 - 56048 Volterra (PI) - PIVA 01308340502
Operation/Project allocated within the framework of the POR FESR Tuscany 2014-2020