The Ginori-Lisci villa in Querceto

with a beautiful embattled tower

It’s a big building in the middle of the town of Querceto. It was built probably at the end of the 1700s on the remains of an old medieval fortress.

The villa was already there in the 18th century, but its current looks date back to a renovation that was carried out by the owner Lorenzo Ginori between 1907 and 1911. He wanted to give the villa a more medieval look and, following the architectural trends of the time, he built an embattled tower and some other structures with the aim to make it look more like a castle.

There’s also a church dedicated to San Biagio and many service facilities, amongst which visitors can easily spot a big oval farmyard paved in brick.
How to access it: it’s private property, visible from the outside. Accessible by car.

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Querceto Castle and Monterufoli Forest

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