The Campani Villa in Roncolla

The villa is a readaptation of Palazzo Guarnacci

On the regional road (Strada Regionale) 68, only a few kilometers from Volterra going towards San Gimignano lies the quaint and characteristic “borgo” of Roncolla. Its name might come from the Latin word “Runeum”, and the “borgo” still follows the ancient structure of a small center surrounded by walls and oriented from West to East, with 1700s Villa Campani on the Western end.
The villa and the church stand out in the small “borgo”. The villa was used as a background in the TV series “Ritratto di Donna Velata”, with its stunning facade decorated with brickwork, a garden with statues, beautiful doors and an elegant gate closing the “borgo”. It first belonged to Mario Guarnacci in the 1700s, then to the Sermolli family and then to Luigi Campani in the 1800s, who renovated it in an ”eclectic style”, as the engineer Campani himself described it.

The building, which is a readaptation of Palazzo Guarnacci, dates back to 1822, when engineer Campani, who already designed the Persio Flacco Theater, decided to marry Barbara, the last descendant of the Riccobaldi Del Bava Arrighi Family. That explains why the coats of arms of both families are on the facade.
In 1822 the villa was taken over by Luigi Campani, and the farm included 460 hectares of land and 15 “poderi” by 1940. The last Campani, Miss Dina Campani, married Ciro Inghirami and left the villa and the company to Lodovico Inghirami and his heirs.

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