The Peacock Valley

Rugged and savage, will enchant the expert naturalist and the traveler
who whishes to know the authenticity of the places

Only partially in the Berignone Nature Reserve, this area includes most of the unreachable part of the Pavone Valley, an area of remarkable naturalist value, with an unspoilt natural environment and scarce human presence.

The Pavone riverbed is characterized by canyons and steep rubble covered slopes. In the differing holophytic underground is the characteristic local vegetation.
Beside the presence of birds of prey, in the surrounding woodlands, there are wolves favoured by the scarce presence of humans and the numerous ungulates.

The water flows fresh in the Valdicecina

Our precious blue treasure, among the hills, mines and the Mediterranean sea

Natural pools, waterfalls and streams

La wealth of water in the valley marks the landscape:
discover pristine waterways

Not to be missed

in Valdicecina area

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