Smoking stones, boiling lakes, bursting lands…
the Devil’s Valley

This is the wonder of our surprising
and timeless geothermal area

To the south of Pomarance, starting from the town of Larderello, lies the area called “Devil’s Valley” (or Valle del Diavolo), an area that is distinguished by geothermic phenomena of volcanic origin such as the release of endogenic steam from the ground. Today the valley is characterized by the imposing cooling towers of the power plants and by the glistening, silver web of pipes that cross the hills and valleys for as far as the eye can see.
The most interesting sites in the area are undoubtedly the town of Larderello, with its Museum of Geothermal Energy and geothermal energy plants, the Sasso Lakes (or Lagoni del Sasso) where visitors can see fumaroles (or fumarole, where steam is spontaneously emitted from the ground), mud pots (or putizze, boiling mud deposits) and hydrothermal springs with their sulphuric odour, as well as the archeological area Il Bagno, an ancient sacred-thermal complex, with etruscan origins, dedicated to deities of health and well-being.

Discovering the steaming earth…. amazing nature!

Valdicecina offers you its extraordinary geothermal energy and magnificent landscapes that are unique in the world


Photo Credits: Fabio Sartori

The earth before men

When the rock is boiling and smoking

Columns of white smoke rising from the ground, puffs and gurgling, warm pools, lunar and sulfurous atmospheres: this is the Valley of the Devil, between Pomarance and Larderello, fulcrum of the geothermal Tuscany area, which, it is said, inspired the highest poet – father of the italian language and a real tuscan – Dante Alighieri, in imagining event the Hell.

Even today the power from the center of the earth manifests itself, giving place to unusual landscapes, among geysers and hot vapors, surprisingly close to cities, borghi and sites of great historical and artistic interest. Always, in Valdicecina, wild nature and refined Italian culture admirably live wonderfully coexists…

The fumaroles

Through a barren and wild path, you discover the fumaroles: here, from the ground, thanks to sources of hot water, the vapors suddenly emerge, creating an extraordinary and changeable spectacle.

Boracic shower heads

The heat is released, free to amaze and seduce the eyes and the heart of those who visit an untouched land, where nature dominates over the centuries, harmoniously dialoguing with those who have always lived in these places.

A unique flora

The fast passage from the sea to the more innermost Tuscany… and then the warmth of the land, the richness of the waters, the variety of minerals, the isolation of valleys: from this exceptional set discover the flora in every season.

Go for Putizze

A ground crack from which the steam comes out: this is the putizza that, together with fumaroles, lagoons and puffers, gives place to the particular and unique geothermal landscape, excellent witness of the vitality that gives off in Valdiceina.

The generosity of the earth and its heat

Waters that heal, relieve and restore to health

Salus per Aquam

The ancient Etruscan and Roman baths

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