The Camaldolite Abbey

abandoned in the last century due to the ever approaching Balze


Not far from the church of San Giusto, this important monastery of the Camaldolese congregation, which was built nearby the town, just outside the Etruscan wall, was founded in 1034 by the bishop of Volterra and dedicated to the saint patron of the town. It had a rich heritage towering above all in the valley of the Era and within the town.
Today the building has been restored; the church and the bell tower still maintain the medieval appearance.

The existing structure dates to the 16th century, built on a design by Leon Battista Alberti. Inside the complex famous artists and painters worked, well-known are the frescoes located in the refectory, created at the end of the 17th century by Fra Arsenio, representing a series of episodes in the life of San Giusto.


The Badia can be visited in the summer period, from 5th July to 23rd September.
Indicatively the times are as follows:

OPEN morning evening
Friday   from 16:00  to 19:30
Saturday from 10:00  to 13:00 from 16:30  to 19:30
Sunday from 10:00  to 13:00 from 16:30  to 19:30

In the month of September, the afternoon time is from 16:00 to 19:00


A leap into the void

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