Mauro Staccioli’s maquettes

permanent exhibition and the paper archive

The Staccioli Archive Museum has found its permanent location in the Ancient “Oratorio del Crocifisso” in the complex of the Santa Maria Maddalena Exhibition Center, made available by the Cassa Risparmio di Volterra Foundation, which is the promoter of the project.

Among the maquettes created over the years by Staccioli to study, verify, and present his sculptures, approximately forty maquettes were exhibited in the Oratory and set in urban or natural contexts, where the architectural projection combines a poetic utopian vision.

The maquettes are accompanied by an interactive touch screen specially designed to go back (thanks to archive documents, sketches, preparatory drawings, and digitized project photomontages) to the giant sculptures created by the artist in Italy and abroad.

In the spaces of the Oratorio, even the artist’s paper archive finds a new home and, thanks to this new location and the database created by the Bibliotheca Hertziana, will help students have easier access to documents.


Opening hours Staccioli Archive Museum

March 2024 and 1st APRIL:
open FREE on Saturday and Sunday and Monday 1st April
with opening hours: 10:00 am-12:30 am - 03:00 pm-06:00 pm

Consorzio Turistico Volterra Valdicecina Valdera S.c.r.l.
Piazza dei Priori 19/20 - 56048 Volterra (PI) - PIVA 01308340502
Operation/Project allocated within the framework of the POR FESR Tuscany 2014-2020