What kind of land is this?

Extraordinary landscapes, geyser and vapors in the green heart of Tuscany

The first documented evidence of this settlement dates to 896. The mining activities (alum, sulphur and vitriol) have been the focal point of its history. During the Middle Ages, there was a strong demand for alum, as it was used as an antihemorrhagic and as a color fixative.

Bishops and the Commune of Volterra had struggled for its control since 1204, and in 1472 it was the setting of the so called “Alum War” during which Florence conquered all the Volterra area. Still today, Sasso Pisano preserves the characteristics of a medieval fortress.

The still existing geothermal spectacle in the area of Sasso Pisano stands in a barren and wild landscape, a fascinating natural environment which can be compared to a landscape from Hell.
Very evident contrasts of colors due to rock weathering, rare forms of vegetation, minerals in continuous evolution, very hot rocks, very hot springs between geysers and effervescent pools, and remains of an ancient past, these are but a few of the wonders of this extraordinary landscape.

Ancient thermal sites and new ideas

Etruscan and Romans built beautiful thermal sites in Sasso Pisano, and today they have been brought back to light. The ancient tradition of wellness, possible thanks to the geothermal energy, is renewed with the bio-lake


The bio-lake of Sasso Pisano

Enjoy the swimming pools with thermal waters and have a relaxing break!

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