The Parish Church of Saint Jacopo and Filippo

Of medieval origin

The church of the Saint Iacopo and Filippo was built in Montecastelli Pisano under the bishop of Volterra Ildebrando in 1186 as a suffragan church to the S. Giovanni parish church in Sillano. It looks very similar to the Dome of Volterra, especially the facade, with the wall not decorated with colourful panels, but with three big arcades, the two side ones blind, and a big oculus over the middle one.

The inside of the church has gone through some changes over the centuries, partly losing its original medieval look.
The church is located close to the Buca delle Fate, an Etruscan hypogeum dating back to the 6th century b.C., small but well-preserved.


The other towns in the land of the Etruscans

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