A medieval town in the Metalliferous Hills

A continuous discovery of its mineral, historical and cultural riches.

Monterotondo Marittimo is one of the seven Municipalities that make up the Archaeological Technological Park of the Grosseto Metalliferous Hills. The institutional aims of the Park concern the recovery, conservation and enhancement of the environmental, historical-cultural and technical-scientific heritage of the Metalliferous Hills, marked in particular by the mining experience. The sites of competence in the municipal area of Monterotondo Marittimo are:

Allumiere di Monteleo
Lake Boracifero, S. Federigo
Lagoni Le Biancane

The gate to the park, i.e. the reception and information center within the municipality of Monterotondo Marittimo, is located in Via Pietro Gori in the town of Monterotondo Marittimo.

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Tuscany’s geysers
where rocks bubble up

A stunning, strong and wild landscape is awaiting you in the Devil’s Valley

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