The “borgo” of Montecastelli Pisano

A castle towering over the Pavone stream

The “borgo” of Montecastelli is beautiful and well-preserved, and with a breathtaking view over the Tuscan countryside.
In the town, the romanesque parish church dedicated to Saints Filippo and Giacomo and the Pannocchieschi tower are the main attractions. Outside the town, on the other hand, the Etruscan tomb “Buca delle Fate”, dating back to the 8th century b.C., is worth a visit. The area around the town and along the Pavone offer many options for itineraries to explore by foot or horse.


From the top of this village, a charming view overlooks the valleys of the Pavone stream and Cecina river.
The most interesting buildings are: the Pannocchieschi Tower and the Romanesque church of Saint Filippo and Giacomo. The urban structure is typical of that of the medieval villages. Circular with parallel main streets linked to each other through narrow covered or uncovered alleyways.
In order to gather together and preserve the traditional tools of country farm life used between the end of 1800 and the beginning of 1900, the Museum of Country Farm Life has been established.

A stone’s throw from the provincial road, the Etruscan tomb “Buca delle Fate” (8th century BC) is well worth a visit.
On foot or on the back of a horse, one can enjoy the fascinating nature trails through the surrounding woodlands, along the Pavone stream.


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