A fortified village

The village of Mazzolla is located near Volterra. Known since the Middle Ages also under the name of Paterno, it has been named since 1080, although we are not sure that it was a real castle. The remains of defensive walls and a tower are not preserved, perhaps it was a villa, an open center, dedicated above all to the agricultural exploitation of the territory. Only during the thirteenth century it was fortified, at the same time as it happened in other similar settlements. Valuable is the presence of Villa Viti, which is still the family’s residence.
Mazzolla is a window onto the Volterra landscape and the Berignone-Tatti forest. The hamlet includes a small Romanesque church, dedicated to San Lorenzo, from the 13th century, the villa of the Viti family and a series of houses overlooking the street and the access road.

Not to be missed

in the Land of Etruscans

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