King of the earth

Larderello has best interpreted the geothermal energy’s modernity and sustainability

The small town was built around the industrial park that was born to best exploit the area’s geothermal energy. It was founded by the Frenchman Francesco de Larderel, the first person to be interested in using geothermal energy for industrial use in the first 1800s. At first, the village was closely linked to the working activity, and it had both production buildings and homes for the workers and their families.
Today, the industrial park is still there, close to the town and characterised by its cooling towers.

Larderello is surrounded by dozens of metal pipes used for the transportation of steam to the power station, where it is transformed into electric energy. These pipes have slowly become a part of the landscape.
This is where the Geothermal Energy Museumis located, where visitors can explore the history, the technology and the science behind geothermal energy.

The heat of the steam has a home

Science, men and environment mixed to create inspiration and technology. Discover and explore it


The museum of
Geothermal Energy in Larderello

Explore geothermal energy and its natural phenomena

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