A look into the bourgeois lifestyle of the 19th century

inside a rural context

The house (“Casa”) gives the visitors an insight into the life of a bourgeois family in the 1800s.
The original furniture and decorations have been cleverly reconstructed and inserted into the domestic setting of the museum.
A part of the permanent Exhibition on Warriors and Artisans, which is mainly on display in the Palazzo Ricci, is set up in the
Casa Bicocchi, bringing visitors on a trip from the Paleolithics to the Renaissance.
The municipality of Pomarance bought the Casa Bicocchi from the last descendants of the Bicocchi family in 1980, and made a museum out of the ground floor and the first floor.
The Bicocchi family was first mentioned in an official document on April 20th, 1770, in a list of the members of the judiciary section of the municipality of Pomarance.
The museum offers an insight into the life of a wealthy and religious family from the 1800s. The family always played a big role in the town administration, managed land properties and conducted business linked to the new industrial production of glass of the time.
The majestic furniture, the sophisticated decorations on the ceilings and the precious fabrics and French wallpapers give the house its atmosphere of luxury and wealth, which are very different from anything we’d find nowadays.
The structure of the museum allows us to understand the lifestyle of a bourgeois family in a rural context, its physical and moral aspects and its social relationships.

In the adjacent Palazzo Ricci you can also visit Permanent Exhibition dedicated to Warriors and Craftsmen


Opening times Casa Museo Bicocchi

From 25th april to 30th September
Saturday and Sunday with guided tour only: 04:00 p.m., 05:00 p.m., 06:00 p.m.

Tickets Casa Bicocchi/Exhibition on Warriors and Artisans

Full: 5,00 €
under 14: 4,00 €
gratis for residents and disabled people

Reservation and infos
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