An insight into the 19th century

bourgeois life set in a beautiful rural location

The Bicocchi Palace, purchased by descendants of the Bicocchi family from the local council in 1980, has been recently opened to the public as a museum.
Documentary evidence attests that members of the family were part of the magistracy of the Commune of Pomarance on the 20th of April 1770.

The house offers a glimpse of 19th century bourgeois life and of a wealthy, religious and devoted family who held high posts in the civil service, administered landed property and who were involved in the up and coming glass industry.
The grand furniture, the elegant ceiling decorations, the precious fabrics and French wall paper bestow luxury and opulence to the interior and are the expression of a unique style of life so different from today

In the adjacent Palazzo Ricci you can also visit Permanent Exhibition dedicated to Warriors and Craftsmen

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