The Hermitage of San Michele alle Formiche

A unique story

The hermitage of S. Michele, now in ruins, was located on the hill of Spartacciano, along the road that connects Pomarance with Larderello. The hermitage was built in 1377 to house those who wanted to isolate themselves from the world to atone and purify themselves, a very common custom during the fourteenth century.
Today the structure is reduced to a few fragments of wall from which it is difficult to understand the real consistency of this hermitage, however the structure of the church is still identified, around which various service areas had to be placed.
Its name derives from the phenomenon, for which, in the last days of September – near the feast of St. Michael, on the 29th of that month – swarms of winged ants gathered around the bell of the monastery.

Under the Hermitage of San Michele is the Bagno di Spartacciano, probably already used in Roman times and better known as Bagno di San Michele delle Formiche.

Not to be missed

in Pomarance area

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