The Palazzo Guidi

So much beautiful as inconspicuous

Adjacent to the Guidi House-Tower is the palace of the same name, with a beautiful composite front. Noble palace, purchased in 1565 by Iacopo Guidi for the sum of 2,000 gold scudi. From the Renaissance architectural features, the Guidi structure, which occupies the nos. 4-16, presents inside a beautiful Renaissance courtyard, simple and linear, buffered on three sides, which is also reflected in the Vicolo Guidi with the original colonnade. The composite character of the building is also manifested by its belonging to the complex of the next unit, included among the nos. 16-22, independent that seems to unify in the front three previous parts, of fifteenth century layout.

As beautiful, as it is barely visible from the traveler who passes quickly through the narrow, even closer street, just where the building stands, Palazzo Guidi took its name from one of the most illustrious Volterra families.

Not to be missed

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