Palazzo Guidi

Beautiful but not easy to spot

Right next to the tower-house Guidi is a “palazzo” with the same name and a beautiful facade. The noble building was bought by Iacopo Guidi in 1565 for 2000 golden “scudi”. The whole structure stretches along numbers 4 to 16. Its architectural features date back to the Renaissance, and it has a nice inner courtyard, simple and linear, which opens up on the Vicolo Guidi alley behind the original colonnade. The structure right next to it, which stretches along numbers 16 to 22, almost looks like a continuation of the Palazzo Guidi because it unites three parts of it on its 1400s facade.

The building, which got its name from one of the most famous families in Volterra, is beautiful, but it often goes unnoticed to the people walking quickly through the narrow road.

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