The “borgo” of Gello

A quaint group of houses

Not far away from Ponteginori, on the right side of the river Cecina, you’ll find the small “borgo” of Gello.
Walking through the small roads of this cute little group of houses, one can hardly imagine its past as a majestic castle.

According to some sources, this was Agello, the castle mentioned in 754 a.D. by Walfredo, founder of the church of Abbey of San Pietro in Palazzuolo in Monteverdi.
In 1186, Henry VI assigned Gello to Ildebrando dei Pannocchieschi, the bishop of Volterratogether with some other castles and towns. Throughout the centuries, it was dominated by Pisa, Aragon and Florence. It was under Florence that Gello went back to being militarily relevant again. In 1479, the castle was conquered and sacked by Siena, and it never went back to its previous level of importance.

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