The village of Gello

a delightful group of little houses

Gello is near to Ponteginori, on the right bank of the river Cecina. Wandering amongst the delightful group of little houses on the grass covered streets it is di cult to imagine the history of the important castle.
This is probably the place called Agello cited in a document dated 754 by Walfredo, founder of the Abbey of San Pietro in Palazzuolo di Monteverdi.
In 1186 Gello, like many others, was given by Henry VI to Ildebrando dei Pannocchieschi, Bishop of Volterra. Over the centuries it was ruled by Pisans, Aragonese and the Florentines when, probably, it again became an important garrison town.
In 1479, the castle was conquered and sacked by the Sienese, after which it never again recovered.

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in Montecatini Val di Cecina area

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