Church of the Madonna di Montenero in Larderello

Project by the Florentine architect Giovanni Michelucci

It is the most modern church in Valdicecina; in fact it was built in 1958 based on a project by the Florentine architect Giovanni Michelucci. Its appearance is decidedly modern and reminiscent of other works by the same architect, it has an elongated polygonal plan and is composed of a classroom enclosed by a low ambulatory. It is concluded by a complex organism with a square plan where the presbytery, the choir, the sacristy and the base of the bell tower are located.

The exterior, preceded by a staircase, consists of a gabled façade inserted in the continuous front of a larger building on two floors. The composition, very simple, is divided into two registers; the lower one is marked by four Tuscanic pilasters that enclose the portal and two niches with statues; the upper one, surmounted by a pediment, has a small central rosette.
In addition to the structure, the main altar with the image of the Madonna di Montenero inside a large golden sunburst that recalls that of the Livorno sanctuary (de Larderel in fact had settled in Livorno) and the pulpit in cast iron variously decorated with panels representing the Christ and the four evangelists.

It is the place of worship inside the boraciferous establishment founded by Francesco de Larderel. The church, built starting in 1832 by the will of de Larderel himself, was consecrated in 1856 and was transformed at the end of the 1950s by the architect Giovanni Michelucci.

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