Church of Sant’Alessandro in Volterra

of very ancient foundation

Of very ancient foundation, so much to be considered built on the foundations of a pagan temple, it was consecrated in 1120 by Pope Callisto II.
Built in sandstone ashlars, the church today appears as a gabled building, covered by a trussed ceiling and ending with a quadrangular choir; a loggia, built in the 16th century, hides part of the façade which is softened by three large arches that are set on half-pilasters with a semi-attached column; in the central one the portal opens, in those lateral ones, stepped rhombuses, while on the left side of the building a lunette of the XIII century with hunting scene overlooks a small walled portal.

Inside there is a painted cross, on wood, by a Tuscan artist, dating back to the 12th century.

Then there are two panels depicting the Saints Attinia and Greciniana, surviving parts of the grandiose altar made by Cosimo Daddi in the 16th century around the Virgin of Cavallaro.

On the right wall of the presbytery is a 15th century tabernacle from the parish of Saints Peter and Paul in Coiano, located in Valdelsa, in the municipality of Castelfiorentino, but belonging to the diocese of Volterra.

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