Church of San Dalmazio in Volterra

built in a Renaissance-style

San Dalmazio is a Roman Catholic church in Volterra. The facade is built in local stone in a Renaissance-style, but the interior has a late Baroque decoration.

The church was part of a Benedictine order monastery, with a facade attributed to Bartolomeo Ammannati. The Benedictines located here in the early 12th century, and were suppressed in 1786 by Peter Leopold I, Grand-Duke of Tuscany. The interior was refurbished with elegant stucco, in the early 18th century. Among the works inside are a Deposition (1551) by Giovanni Paolo Rossetti, and a fresco in the cupola depicting the Apotheosis of St Dalmatius, Bishop of Pedona (1709) by Ranieri del Pace. Other works documented in an inventory in the early 19th century, were paintings by Giovanni Sagrestani, Jacopo Vignali, and Giovanni Balducci.


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