The Bagni di San Michele alle Formiche

Take a dip in a thermal pool in the grounds
of an abandoned hotel

The Bagno di Spartacciano, today better known as Bagno di San Michele alle Formiche, is located under the San Michele hermitage. The benefits of the warm water have been exploited for millennia, probably since the Romans.

The first documents about the thermal station date back to 1266. The whole facility has changed structure many times through restorations and modifications during the years. It was a fairly small structure until 1512, when the facility was expanded and a characteristic passage connecting the hotel with a small building protecting the thermal baths and pools was built.

Bagni di San Michele alle Formiche

Bagni di San Michele alle Formiche

Bagni di San Michele alle Formiche

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The Abbey and baths of San Michele alle Formiche

Type of route: walking
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