The Adio stream

nestled in dense vegetation

About half of its course crosses the Monterufoli-Caselli Nature Reserve. It is a natural stream surrounded by thick vegetation with short stretches on rocks.
The path that leads to the stream descends through woodlands rich in various kinds of vegetation and animals.
The common wood pigeon can be found noisily flying in the valley of Adio and many are accompanied by the loud cry of the European green woodpecker. Wild boars are a common sight.

Of interest there is much to see along the stream but unfortunately there are no paths to get there; especially the beautiful waterfalls at the junction with Vallon Cupo, below the village of Libbiano.

Ways of exploiting
There are no marked trails that reach the stream. It can be reached, however, through guided tours that allow you to visit the beautiful waterfalls that form at the confluence of the Vallon Cupo, below the village of Libbiano. The short itinerary towards the extraordinary Pinzo di Micciano allows the gaze to sweep over the whole valley, just like from an airplane!

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"Pinzo" of Micciano

Type of route: walking trail
Lenght: 0,10 Km
Level: easy

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