Looking up: towers, battlements and logge

Let the creative, majestic
and strong architecture of our ancient “palazzi”
amaze and captivate you

The fact that the Valdicecina hosted so many people in different times allowed the area to be historically layered. In every epoch, symbolising a different layer, new architecturally characteristic and important buildings were built.

Unfortunately, the only buildings that have withstood the passing of time and that are architecturally relevant are the Middle Ages ones. For instance, there are still many “case torri”, tower houses, in Volterra and the whole area. The most famous ones are the Porcellino Tower and the Toscano Tower in Volterra, the compound of the Buomparenti Towers, also in Volterra, the Belforti Tower in Montecatini Val di Cecina and the several tower houses in Pomarance.

However, the undoubtedly most important and significant building is the Palazzo dei Priori in Volterra. The fact that it was built between 1208 and 1257 makes it the oldest “palazzo” with political significance.
The structure is still the seat of the town hall and it also looks very similar to the original “palazzo”. Many artworks are kept here: frescos, sculptures and paintings proving the authority position that the municipality of Volterra has held since the Middle Ages.
Other smaller towns have impressive town halls too, but they don’t compare to the grandeur of the one in Volterra.

“Palazzi” and monuments: unmissable treasures of the Valdicecina

Come and explore the noble homes,
medieval bridges and quaint little theaters the area has to offer!

Palazzo dei Priori

Toscano Tower

Persio Flacco Theater

Palazzo Bicocchi

De Larderel Theater

Palazzo Guidi

Pisa - Piazza Duomo

Ponte del Defizio

Porcellino Tower

The San Felice “Fonte”

The fountain "Fonte" of Docciola

Palazzo Minucci Solaini

Palazzo Inghirami

Bagno al Morbo

Palazzo De Larderel

Palazzo Maffei

Dei Coraggiosi Theater

Art School of Volterra

Castles, “borghi”, villas and farmhouses

The centuries-old harmony between the Earth and the people of the Valdicecina

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