Breathtaking landscapes

Get lost in the most beautiful and authentic places in Tuscany

It’s a magic for the eyes and the heart: enchanted nature prevails in a pristine corner between Volterra, Pomarance and the sea

Visiting the mines

The tunnels, shafts and industrial archeology

You choose the time and the mean

Pick your active holiday!

All you need for your visit to Volterra and the Valdicecina is a set of curious eyes and a sense of adventure
Whether you’re walking, cycling, horseback riding or following the rivers and streams, it’s a magical adventure for everyone.

The itineraries, between history and nature

One holiday with endless itinerary options and real emotions!

Nature reveals itself

A land of contrasts between the coast and the hills, the Valdicecina offers a range of different environments. It’s a captivating variety: characteristic flora both from the seaside and the mountains, areas frequented by wolves and rare birds, “borghi”, castles, parish churches, rocky and dry grounds, streams from the Apennine mountains, wide forests.

The force of nature really shows itself here, in the “warm heart of Tuscany”. The geothermal energy generated by the heat of the Earth shapes the land into unique sceneries.

Cooling towers, fumaroles and thermal springs

are awaiting you for a truly enticing experience

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