Place of taste

Discover local delicacies
while experiencing events and tradition

Every place is unique: a harmonious mix of territory, farms, people and lifestyle, handed down generation after generation.

Thanks to its typical aspects, seasonal effects, agricultural and bucolic tradition of Volterra and Valdicecina, a kaleidoscope of different and amazing flavours is born: oil and wine, fruit and vegetable, spicy sweets, cold cuts and meat. In the right season, there is no lack of chestnuts, truffles, mushrooms, and games. They are the ingredients cooked with ancient and wise mastery or proposed in unusual combinations by those who, with a light touch, do not renounce experimentation. 

This happens everywhere, at restaurants, and specialty food shops, and agritourisms! You can taste a sandwich or a sweet: you will enjoy our land thanks to the endless search for excellence, and control of the supply chain! You are welcome; take your sit at table in Tuscany and savor the tradition!

Savor the tradition

In every season, there is something to discover and taste

Cooking class

Discover a poor tradition but sensitive to raw materials, where local products and season vegetables are the real protagonists.

Learn the secrets of home-made pasta, or how to choose the right wine for the dish you are cooking. Have fun with creativity, accept the challenge learning typical receipts to cook once you are back from holiday!
We hope you’ll join us!

Good food and good drink events

Many proposals discovering the flavors of Valdicecina

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