Savour our area

Local specialties, events and authenticity

Every place is a unique and harmonious collection of the land, crops, people and lifestyles passed on from one generation to the next.

From the typical, seasonal and traditional character of Volterra and the Valdicecina comes a kaleidoscope of different and wonderful flavours, with wine, oil, vegetables, fruits, spiced desserts, cold cuts and meat. At the right time of the year, try our chestnuts, truffles, mushrooms and our game. These ingredients are cooked following ancient and traditional recipes or new and inventive combinations of chefs that can’t resist some experimenting.

Whether at the restaurant, in a specialties shop, in an authentic “agriturismo”, snacking on a sandwich or in a bakery, our land will surprise and amaze you with our constant seeking for excellence!
Join as at the table in Tuscany!

Savour the tradition

There’s something to taste and discover in every season

Cooking classes

Discover a tradition that comes from poverty but is aware of its ingredients, with local products and seasonal vegetables as the real protagonists.

Learn the secrets of homemade pasta or how to choose the right wine for the dish you’re cooking. Have fun and be creative while learning how to recreate our delicious typical dishes once the holidays are over!

Events full of good food and drinks

Our ideas for you to discover the flavours of Valdicecina

Sunday 2 June

Palio del Cero

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Thursday 4 July

Volterra by Night

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Thursday 11 July

Volterra by Night

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Saturday 13 July

Theatrical visit to Palazzo Viti

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Thursday 18 July

Volterra by Night

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Thursday 25 July

Volterra by Night

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