Holiday in Valdicecina: an explosion of taste

A generous land that offers excellent products, proposed with authentic hospitality!

Volterra and Valdicecina, as well as anywhere in Italy and Tuscany, are real coffers of tastes. What is its secret? Simple recipes, handed down inside the family, local products coming from a short chain supply: the food goes literally from the garden to the kitchen and this process contributes to respect the seasonality.
< Do you miss our flavors? Let’s book your next trip and, meanwhile, prepare one of our specialities! Enjoy the following recipes>/strong>!

Volterra soup

A triumph of vegetables, stewed for a long time, with the excellent local oil and home-made bread…
Try it!

Volterra veal tripe

The famous “fifth fourth” of ruminant stomach: thanks to our grandmas cooking ability, the least fine meats become a plate for kings!

Game and wild boar

Valdicecina is a land of woods, and the meat of wild animals has always enriched the tables with strong flavors and spicy recipes.

Tradition and speciality
Let your palate enjoying a real festival of flavours!

Tasting of truffles, very good delicatessen, cheese selection, honey and jam, wine and spirits …What else?
Come and experience the taste of Tuscany in Volterra!

Many ideas to discover the flavors of Valdicecina

Good food and Good drink events

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