Enjoy the Valdicecina and its flavours

A generous land offering the highest-quality products
and authentic hospitality!

In the same style as the rest of Italy and Tuscany, Volterra and the Valdicecina are real flavour treasure chests. Our secret?
Simple recipes passed on throughout the generations, following seasonality and local ingredients. Here a short supply chain is the tradition: directly from the garden to the pot.
And if you’re home missing some of our dishes, go and book your next stay while you cook one of our specialties!
Buon appetito!

“Zuppa alla Volterrana”, soup from Volterra

A mix of delicious seasonal vegetables, stewed with some of our local oil and soaked in some homemade bread. A must-try!

“Trippa alla Volterrana”, tripe from Volterra

The famous “fifth fourth” , which are the less “noble” meats, are considered very sophisticated today, thanks to our grandmas’ cooking skills!

Game and boar meat

Valdicecina is a very forest-dense area. Wild game meat has been a staple of our cuisine since the beginning of time because of its strong flavours and the spiced recipes.

You’ll rejoice at the taste of our traditions

Tastings of truffles, pork products, cheese, honey and preserves, wines and spirits…
What more would you want?
Tuscany’s best flavours await you in Volterra

Events in Valdicecina

Many options to explore our flavours and culture

From Saturday 1 April

Tuscany Love Bike 2023

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From Saturday 1 April

Pomarance Ebike Tour
every Monday

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From Saturday 28 October


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Friday 15 December

Cene Galeotte

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