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Valdicecina has always been united under only one diocese, that of Volterra, whose existence was reported already in the 5th century. Even if the majority of the most ancient churches still existing today were not founded before the 10th century, there are still some, such as the Duomo of Volterra, that we know were even more ancient.

The religious administration of the territory was entrusted by the bishop to the deans of the ‘pievi’ (churches); the ‘pievi’ are generally more important and richer churches. They had the task of overseeing a certain area of the diocese and under them there may have been other minor churches called suffragan churches.

Ancient and important historical references

Discovering the places of the spirit and history

Parish Church of Querceto

Church of San Francesco

The Camaldolite Abbey

Church of the Madonna di Montenero in Larderello

Church of San Bartolomeo Apostolo in Montegemoli

Parish Church of Santa Maria in Micciano

Church of San Girolamo in Volterra

Parish Church of San Giovanni Battista a Sillano

Hermitage of San Michele alle Formiche

Church of Sant'Ottaviano alla Nera in Volterra

Church of San Michele in Volterra

Cathedral and Baptistry in Volterra

Church of Sant'Alessandro in Volterra

Church of San Dalmazio in Volterra

Parish Church of Saints Jacopo and Filippo

Parish Church of San Giovanni in Montevoltraio

Sanctuary of the Madonna del Libro

Abbey of St Peter in Palazzuolo

Parish Church of San Martino

Church of Sant'Agostino in Volterra

Church of Santissimo Salvatore

Church of San Lino in Volterra

Church of San Biagio

Church of San Giovanni Battista in Pomarance

Church of San Giusto in Volterra

A 3000 year long history:
Etruscan charm

Discovering the ancient people of Etruria

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