Timeless beauty:

memories from the past, a look to the future

Volterra and the Valdicecina: the small and big hearts of Italian art

A small territory, enclosed between central Tuscany and the sea, a crossroads of people, ideas and cultures, the centre among the provinces of Pisa, Florence and Siena: this is High Valdicecina.

For thousands of years the glorious history and great art have found here a way to better express themselves, leaving unique remains and testimonies to the world.

This wealth, besides being witnessed by villages and landscapes, is collected and valued in extraordinary museums, revealing hidden treasures, waiting to be discovered.

Everything is an artwork, every corner an enchantment

Centuries and millennia, and the love of generations have left our land with a treasure of invaluable beauty, to be discovered together

Volterra and the Valdicecina have great masterpieces, often unknown to many, testimonies to the importance and significance that this part of Tuscany has long held.

This immense heritage co-exists with the liveliness and modernity of our land and our people, who know how to preserve and innovate, with the pride for their past and love for the future.

The history of Tuscan art
in front of your eyes

Yes! This is also the land of great beauty, to be discovered and lived. Be prepared to be surprised again and again!

VOLTERRA CARD - one ticket many museums

TARIFF VOLTERRA CARD (valid for 72 hours) for
Guarnacci Etruscan Museum
Art Gallery
Ecomuseum of Alabaster
Priori Palace
Etruscan Acropolis and Roman Cistern
Roman Theatre

16,00 € full
25,00 € Family (up to 2 adults with a maximum of 3 minors)
13,00 € reduced (university students with ID, boys 6-18, over 65, Coop members, FAI, TCI and groups of adults min 6 pax)
6,00 € Student groups (school students outside the municipal area – min 10 pax)
free for: children up to 6 years old, residents of the Municipality of Volterra, disabled and carers, teachers and companions of school groups, licensed tour guides, journalists, ICOM members

Promo Volterra Card

UNTIL 30/09/2020

Free Volterra Card

for families (two adults + minors with family ties) who will spend two nights in the accommodation facilities of the Municipality of Volterr

Reduced price Volterra Card
(reduction from € 16 to € 13)

for each person who will spend a minimum amount of €40 in the shops of Volterra

Reduced Price Ticket

for under 18, for all Tuscan residents, for all students enrolled in the universities of Tuscany

The Etruscans, the ancient people of Tuscany

Mysterious and fascinating, cultured and refined people, warriors and navigators

Discover the ancient people who defined our glorious region.

The Etruscans
The greatness of a civilization

A people, a land and its bountiful history


Look, taste, discover, experience:
towns and villages are waiting for you

Art Culture Nature

Every season is good for Valdicecina

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