History before our very eyes

The history and scenery of the times that were

The archeological sites to visit in Valdicecina are endless: Etruscan remains, Roman sites, medieval castles, villas from the 1800s, mines… We have all you need for your trip throughout the past.
These wonderful witnesses of the passing of time are then enriched by the beautiful and evocative sceneries they are accompanied by, such as the luscious green hills, the thick woods and the blue sea.
We have many different options for you to discover our beautiful land. Whether you want to explore the ancient “borghi”, have a stroll around Volterra or discover secluded paths, you will find out what makes this area so charming and magical.

Talking stones and bewitching landscapes

The archeological sites of the Valdicecina are extraordinary and located in wonderful places

Other opportunities to explore the ancient times

We’ll never stop amazing you

The Etruscan people

An ancient civilisation in the heart of Tuscany

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