Alabaster in Volterra

Three thousand years of artisanal craftsmanship

It is impossible to visit Volterra without discovering this majestic handicraft: alabaster being a valuable raw material.
A material with an extraordinary brightness and texture, appreciated since ancient times; an artisanal craftsmanship dating back to the Etruscan age, a knowledge handed down from father to son: these are the elements of a unique production in the world, inseparable from the territory.

Walking around the workshops

Today, few examples remain of the traditional workshops in Volterra, but it is however possible to breathe their atmosphere, while you witness the creation of some wonderful object or sculpture. It is in these workshops that the typical Volterra inhabitant was born: the alabaster craftsman, whose lifestyle and language have always been quite unique, a symbol of non-conformism, freedom and bond with his land.

The Leaning Tower in alabaster from Volterra

When talent meets manual wisdom

When talent and manual skill come together the results can be spectacular, the experience of the “Leaning Tower in Alabaster from Volterra”, with its prestigious scale reproduction of the famous bell tower of Pisa, is an indisputable proof.
The tower, commissioned by the Opera Primaziale Pisana, was made by the craftsmen of the “Arte in Bottega” association of Volterra.
After almost three years of delicate work, the skilled artisans from Volterra completed the architectural project, an exact replica of the original, reproducing in every detail all elements of the construction, such as columns, arches, capitals, windows, architraves, as well as the decorations, inlays, bas-reliefs, mosaics and the ornamentation of the capitals.
The tower, to a scale of 1:25, was created with six types of alabaster from Volterra, each of different colors.
It is made up of eight parts plus the base with a variegated mosaic pavement and consists of about 25,000 pieces.
The weight is approximately 9 quintals and the height overall is about 2,40 metres.

Artisanal charm and life styles

Lives, traditions and stories of ancient wisdom


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