From New Moon to Medici, our history is a movie set

Explore a new and charming side of Volterra!

Volterra, its past, mystery and elegance are perfect for directors and producers looking for settings for their next movies.
Come explore the places you’ve seen on screen, experience their magical atmosphere, find out their secrets walking around inside your favourite story.

New Moon Tour

Relive the emotions

A walk to discover the settings of the bestseller New Moon, with breathtaking finale! Hear the swish of the Volturi’s cloak in the dark alleys, search for an entrance to the underground tunnels…

Visconti, incredible artist

The movie “Sandra”

The ancient walls of Volterra were partly what inspired director Luchino Visconti in his movie “Sandra”. Many “palazzi” in the town are shown in his movie, especially Palazzo Viti.

With a director’s eye

Discover the best movie sets

Looking for the Volturi

Details from the Twilight saga can be found in the squares and streets of Volterra

Whether behind a fleeting shadow, under a flickering light, in ancient vaults or narrow alleys, you might find magical creatures!

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