From New Moon to Medici, the history is on stage

FIntact and alive charm: Volterra as you have never seen it before!

Grandeur, antiquity, mystery, elegance: Volterra and its wonderful territory relive at the cinema, becoming the perfect location for directors and producers looking for stunning views… All to be discovered!
Experience the places you admired on the screen, feel the atmosphere, discover its secrets walking in your favourite story.

Ladies and knights,
merchants and warriors

History and adventure are in front of you

The TV show about De’ Medici family, ruler of Tuscany, captures the beauty of Volterra, a perfect scenario for a story of arms and lovers, power and richness, between the 15th and the 16th century.

unforgettable artist

Vaghe stelle dell’Orsa

The mystery of the ancient rocks of Volterra were part of the inspiration for Luchino Visconti for his “Vaghe stelle dell’Orsa” (Wandering stars of the Great Bear).
The master captured palaces, and in particular the Palazzo Viti.

Through the eyes of a director

Discover the favorite locations of the movie’s makers

Looking for Volturi

The Twilight saga spread out in Volterra streets and squares

Fleeting shadow, a flashing light, ancient crypts and palaces: magic creatures are waiting for you!


Inside the history of Palazzo Viti

Protagonists of a unique experience

One of the most beautiful private palace in Italy, and the adventurous life of Giuseppe Viti, progenitor of the family that still lives in the palace: these are only two of the ingredients of a suggestive and engaging histrionic visit.
Be charmed of a costume adventure!

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